Our Primary Prayer focus this week is upon giving thanks to God for:

• All who serve our community through their prayers, and especially those involved in the various STL prayer ministries.
• Those who are currently learning new things about Jesus and his mission in our midst.
• All those who support Christ’s mission here through on-line and direct deposit giving.


And we remember those on our cradle role, and those who are in hospice care - especially Janet Schutt.


† In Our Thoughts and Prayers †


God’s Healing Hand on: Frieda Zeigler, Curtis Hogan JR, Kristina Ballard, Julie Conger, Janet Semenjuk, John and Judy Todt (parents of Vicki Berkseth), Clyde Armstrong (husband of Carolyn), Scott Zilka (grandson of Lois Revard), Scott Baker (Diane Ustick’s grandson), David Conger (former member), Coleen Huuska (former member), Melissa Murry (former member).


Continued prayers for Healing & Strength for: Sieg Gannon, Lori Kucharek, Janet Adams, Beth White and Matt Tilton (family of Elsie Adams), Carol Miller (mother of Diane Blocki), Alyssa Delano (granddaughter of Theresa Delano), Tiffany Crow (granddaughter of Marilyn Redmond), Linda Taggart (former member).

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